Travel Insurance

Travel insurance cover is required for all international travel with Girl Guides Australia.

Australian Girl Guide members are covered through their membership however travel to overseas events requires a contribution to the international component of the corporate insurance policy.  The cost of travel insurance is based on an average number of members travelling in any one year and costed against the overall Corporate Travel premium.

Any member of an SGGO when travelling overseas for any of the events listed on the International Database, will be included within the travel insurance facilitated through the GGA Insurers.

This Travel Insurance can cover travel for up to 180 days, (any single journey) and can include private travel before and/or after an International event.

A copy of the Girl Guides Australia Travel Insurance Policy is available HERE.  The Policy schedule is available under the Leaders and Volunteers tab  HERE.   Please note that the Leader's log in is required to access this page. These are official documents from the insurance company.  

After your selection or notification of acceptance for an International event, and upon payment of the insurance contribution, National Office sends out an ‘International Travel Declaration’ form to be completed. 

Travel Insurance contributions are made as per the Payments page on the participants on line application. Policy cover details are to be provided to National Office prior to travel. 

All Insurance related matters are referred to:.

Wendy Davis International Travel Consultant, GGA at:

Sandra at National Office at: