Guidelines for applicants


How do I apply for an International Event?


1. Download the relevant event information from the State or National Girl Guides websites. Check that you are eligible e.g. age, any specific experience or qualifications and note the closing date.

2. Remember that the airfare quote for the event is always an approximate value.

3. Please note that there may be fluctuations in the event fee due to exchange rates.

4. If you have any questions about the event, email your State International Manager (check your State website for her contact details) or National International Travel Consultant at, giving your name, age and contact details.

5. Go to and create a login to begin your application. For your online application, your personal statements should be very precise. You do not need to complete your application in one sitting, so take your time, review your answers and ensure you save regularly by clicking on the “save” button at the bottom of each page.

6. Your photo should be <1mb. – see Application Photo Guide where you found this document.

7. Contact your District Manager (DM) and your Region Manager (RM) who will talk to you about your application and the event as the first stage of the selection process. You will need your District and Region to support your application.

8. Advise your Region International Co-ordinator (RIC) about your application and for any advice or help with your application statements if needed. If no RIC, talk to your District or Region Manager.

9. Choose your referees carefully, tell them what you are applying for and make sure they understand that they will be contacted personally. You need 2 or 3 referees for your application depending upon the type of event:

1 referee who is a Guide member (usually your District or Region Manager).

1 personal or professional referee - teachers/tutors/work supervisors - in fact anyone who knows you very well but is NOT a member of Girl Guides.

1 Guide referee who can tell us about your camping experience and for Leaders your qualifications (This is required for camps and jamborees only). This referee can be the same as referee one if appropriate.

10. During all stages of the application process, you will need to show that you understand what you are applying for, that you have relevant skills and personal qualities plus demonstrate that you will be a good representative of Girl Guides and Australia.

11. When you click SUBMIT, your application sends an email to the State International Manager for their follow up. Note that applications will not submit if any answers, photos or statements are missing.


What happens next?

1. Your application is initially assessed by the State International Manager who will contact your referees.

2. The State International Manager organises a panel to review your application before meeting with you. They may also seek supporting evidence from other sources as required.

3. Approved applications are then referred to the State Commissioner for her approval and then forwarded to the National International Committee who make the final selections from the applicants of all States on the evidence contained in the application statements, referee and interview reports.

4. You will then be notified by email by the National International Travel Consultant regarding your application.

5. PREPARATION: Following selection, further information about the specific event will be emailed to you including member organisation applications to be completed and submitted.

6. Financial tracking information is also entered into the on line Application system for you to view.

7. Updated information can be entered into the system at any time right up to the event. Eg: change of address/emergency contacts/passport information etc

8. It is your responsibility to ensure all pre-event requirements are completed – see “How to prepare for events”

9. EVALUATION: On return, an event evaluation survey will be available on the GGA international application system where you first registered. Once completed your State International Manager will present you with an international event participation certificate.


Follow this link for information about International Event Codes


Downloads to print a copy of this information:


For all international event applications and to check, add to or amend your application go to