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Australian applications closing very soon!

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Lead Inspire - Facilitating in diverse environments


For ten years, WAGGGS has been developing a unique facilitation and experiential learning approach for adults, based on our educational method and developed in a highly diverse global environment. This approach empowers adults in their learning. It values the learning styles of each adult, appreciating that we all learn differently. It supports collaboration and encourages creative thinking. It makes workshops feel relevant to each learner and takes advantage of diversity in all forms to create a rich peer learning environment. Facilitators who use this approach can work with highly diverse groups in different contexts, including international workshops and seminars.

After completing this intensive four day facilitation workshop, facilitators will be given feedback by their peers and by the workshop leaders and will set development goals for their ongoing journeys as leaders and facilitators. In the future, based on further demonstration of their skills, some participants may be invited to join the WAGGGS facilitator pool.

Workshop objectives


•    Participants have a better understanding of their own leadership practice 

•    Participants understand WAGGGS’ facilitation approach and how to use it 
to empower adults in their Association 

•    Participants are more aware of WAGGGS’ international experiences and 
how to participate in them 

Girl Guides Singapore

•    Girl Guides Singapore have a team of facilitators ready to facilitate adult learning in a national context 

•    Girl Guides Singapore have a team of leaders who are ready to take on new roles to lead the organization 

•    Girl Guides Singapore understand how to use WAGGGS’ leadership model to strengthen their Association 


• WAGGGS can draw on wider facilitator pool in Asia Pacific region

• Increased participation from Asia Pacific Associations in international activities


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WHEN:  12-17 March 2017


WHERE:  Fort Canning Lodge (YWCA), Singapore


WHO:  To get the most out of the experience, participants should be adult leaders aged 21 and above who are interested in helping other adults learn and taking on new roles to support development in their organization.

Participants should also be interested in new developments in how to support adult learning, and open to both strengthening and changing their practice as leaders and facilitators.



Event fee (SG$1200)

Please note that event pricing is based on current exchange rates and may vary over time.

<  includes indoor accommodation, all meals, airport transfer, T-shirt, programme activities and materials>






Indicative Flight costs ex Sydney


Overseas component of travel insurance


Administration fee


Contingent Support Fund fee


International Scarf



AUSTRALIAN CLOSING DATE:    30th January 2017           

Interviews for this event will be held immediately following this date.

For further information visit  Girl Guides Australia >International >Current Events or contact Susan Campbell