Sangam India - Reach for the Stars (Sept 2017)


Come to Sangam to shine! Develop your Leadership skills, learn about WAGGGS and discover Indian culture.

Immerse yourself in Indian culture through dance, fashion and food. Challenge yourself as you discover the colourful city of Pune, through visits to its diverse sites. Explore Leadership and Advocacy in WAGGGS as you experience visits to our Community Partners. Extend yourself as you plan and deliver a Community Action Project with local children. Be prepared for the challenge as you reach for the stars!

Use WAGGGS’s current initiatives and your own ideas to develop engaging activities for the children while learning about yourself and discovering the change that you want to be in the world.

This is a Sangam Leadership event.


When:   5 - 14 September 2017

Where:  Sangam, Pune, India

Who:  Youth members 16-17, Adult members 18+

How much:  

Event fee (GBP650)

Please note that event pricing is based on current exchange rates and may vary over time.


Approximate Flight costs ex Sydney to Mumbai


Overseas travel insurance contribution


Contingent Support Account fee (note: only payable if a contingent is formed)


Administration fee


International Scarf


Please be aware that extra costs may be incurred by extending your trip pre or post event. Visa, contingent shirts and badges are not included the above cost
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