Sangam India - Community Programme (2017 & 2018)


The Sangam Community Programme offers participants a unique, high-quality volunteer experience. Tare means ‘star’ in Hindi, and as part of the Community Programme, you become the Stars of the Sangam family.

Step outside your comfort zone and connect with India and yourself through Sangam’s Community Programme. Work four days a week with one of Sangam’s Community Partner organizations. Spend one day a week learning about the culture of Pune and India. Participate in Sangam’s other events and explore India on your own.

Apply for Community Programme for anywhere between 3 and 12 weeks and receive a personalized placement. Sangam staff will work with you to match your skills with a partner organization where you can make a difference.


When:                 2017 dates

                             2 - 29 July 2017: £980 (AU$1690)

                             3 September - 25 November 2017: £2,310 (AU$4000) (Sangam is closed for 1 week during this Programme for Diwali Holiday.)

                            18 September - 16 October 2017: £980 (AU$1690) 29 October - 25 November 2017: £980 (AU$1690) 

                             2018 dates

                            7 January - 24 March 2018: £2,541 (AU$4360)

                           21 January - 17 February 2018: £1,078 (AU$1860) 

                           25 February - 24 March 2018: £1,078 (AU$1860)

Where:             Sangam, Pune, India

Who:                 Adult members 18+

How much:   

Event fee (Shared dorm room)

Please note that event pricing is based on current exchange rates and may vary over time.

Varies as above


Indicative Flight costs ex Sydney to Mumbai


Overseas travel insurance contribution


International Scarf



Please be aware that extra costs may be incurred by extending your trip pre or post event. Visa, contingent shirts and badges are not included the above costs.

Apply on line at:

A Sangam application form can be downloaded from
Both online registration and Sangam application should be completed.
A skype interview with Sangam staff may held as part of the selection process.

SANGAM CLOSING DATE:   Applications and references are accepted all year.

AUSTRALIAN CLOSING DATE:  2 months prior to start of each programme