SANGAM, INDIA Be the Change: International Women’s Day (March 2017)

Be The Change - International Women's Day 2017

Be the Change: International Women’s Day. Come to Sangam to discover yourself as a Community Leader and be part of the change you want to see in the world! With a focus on Millennium Development Goals, hear from others and share with them your interest in this subject. Explore Community Leadership and Advocacy in WAGGGS and then participate in an action being undertaken by our Community Partners on the theme.

At Sangam, You Will…
Be a part of Sangam's 50th Birthday season! Celebrate the traditions of WAGGGS and learn about Sangam's part in this journey over the last 50 years. Create an impact while participating in a Community Leadership Development Project or visiting our Community Partners. Change tomorrow as you discover who you want to be in the world and how you can ‘be the change’ tomorrow and beyond! Celebrate. Create. Change.

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WHEN                       4-10 March 2017

WHERE                    Sangam, Pune, India

WHO                          Youth members 16+, Adult members 18+                   

HOW MUCH             

Event fee GBP455

Please note that event pricing is based on current exchange rates and may vary over time.



Indicative Flight costs ex Sydney to Mumbai


Overseas travel insurance contribution


International Scarf



Please be aware that extra costs may be incurred by extending your trip pre or post event. Visa, contingent shirts and badges are not included the above costs.