Asia Pacific Region


Asia Pacific Region

Girl Guides Australia is one of the twenty five member organisations of the Asia-Pacific Region.  There are five Regions of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The Regions were created for management and administrative purposes and to ensure that WAGGGS is able to meet the needs of each country. The Asia Pacific Region holds a conference every three years at which all member organisations of the Region have the opportunity to meet, discuss progress, plan for the future and elect a Regional Committee. The AP Region has an office in the World Bureau in London.

The Asia Pacific Conference elects the committee of six members from nominations made by the Region’s Member Organisations. One member must be under the age of 30 years at the time of the election. Regional Committee Members serve a three-year term of office and are then eligible for re-election for a further three-year term. The 10th conference was held in the Maldives in July 2010 and the next conference will be in Japan in 2013.

The Committee looks at the needs of individual countries and oversees the development and implementation of projects, activities, training and regional events.

For further information and the latest news on the Asia Pacific Region please visit the following WAGGGS website:


Asia Pacific Newsletter

Communication is an important aspect of the region and a newsletter named ‘Focus on Friends’ is produced by members of the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS - (FAPW) Working Group twice per year. This newsletter includes information on membership, projects, new initiatives and much more.

To view the latest newsletter: click here (January 2015).  

The previous edition of "Asia Pacific Link: September 2014


The Role of Girl Guides Australia

The role of Girl Guides Australia as a member of the WAGGGS Asia Pacific Region is:
To maintain close contact with the Asia Pacific Committee in order to ensure that we work according to WAGGGS’ Policies and Guidelines and both WAGGGS’ and the Asia Pacific Region’s Strategic Plans  

  • To nominate and elect to the Asia Pacific Committee nominees who are familiar with global issues, political and social, and who have a good general knowledge of the countries in the Asia Pacific Region, especially on issues related to the WAGGGS’ Mission; who understand and are prepared and able to work with different cultures; who are visionary, strategic thinkers, adaptable, flexible negotiators able to make hard decisions; who have sound knowledge of the Fundamental Principles of the Movement, understand the international aspect of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting and acknowledge the diversity of the Region  
  • To maintain good contacts, networking and sharing of resources with other Member Organizations of the Asia Pacific Region
  • To participate in Asia Pacific Region Projects and events such as conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops, Lend a Hand Project, the AP Resource Pool and to be responsible for the organising of such events when appropriate
  • To include, wherever possible, other Member Organisations of the Region in events, seminars, workshops and trainings held in Australia
  • To work, with AP Committee approval and support, with countries in the Region which want to become members of WAGGGS and help prepare them for membership
  • To educate our members about the other Member Organisations of the Asia Pacific Region in order to foster understanding, acceptance, co-operation and international friendship
  • To support Sangam, the World Centre in our Region, through participation in events and through fund raising
  • To support and participate in WAGGGS’ initiatives and programs including the Global Action theme and other initiatives and resources
  • To contribute articles about events and projects in Girl Guides Australia to AP Link News. Articles should be submitted through the GGA Communications and Marketing Manager or the Australian International Manager. AP Link News is now accessible on the internet on a link through the Girl Guides Australia website


Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) 

Would you like to become a Friend of Asia Pacific Region? Is there someone in your District, Division or Region whose service to Guiding you would like to recognise by giving them a membership?

Membership of the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) is open to all. It is also open to any corporation, foundation or other organisation willing to support the work of WAGGGS’ Asia Pacific Region.

There are three levels of individual membership:



Membership categories were established according to the level of contributions. They were:

Membership Category

Donation Level

Insignia (in addition to a Membership Certificate


GBP 80

Silver Pin


GBP 200

Gold Pin


GBP 300

Gold Pin with one crystal

Major Donor

GBP 1,000

Black Gold Pin and an exclusive plaque

Corporate Plan

GBP 500


Corporate membership is accredited to corporations, foundations and other organisations that donate GBP500 or more. The donor’s aims and objectives must not be in conflict with WAGGGS’ Mission and values. A member of this category is presented with a “Corporate Friend of Asia Pacific Region” nameplate and its chairman or president is presented with a pin.

The Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) help to raise funds to increase the quality and development of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in the region. Their fund has supported many Member Organizations in offering Life Long Learning Skills for their girl members and initiated some income generating projects for some MOs. Some highlights are Skill Training on Decoration and Cooking in Cambodia, IT literacy in Nepal and Pakistan, Health Education in India, etc.

Membership information and forms are available on the FAPW  website:


Friends of Sangam Australia

Friends of Sangam Australia care about Sangam and want to see Sangam grow and thrive. Friends of Sangam Australia is part of Friends of Sangam International (FOSI), a network of country groups and individuals each operating slightly differently. All are a way for Sangam enthusiasts to join together to support Sangam and keep in touch with other members of the Sangam family.

To join Friends of Sangam Australia contact Jane Pennington at: