Working Together in Guiding - Our Code of Conduct

Girl Guides Australia - National Code of Conduct

The Girl Guides Australia Code of Conduct (the Code) defines the standards of behaviour expected of all adults participating in Girl Guiding in Australia. It is designed primarily for our volunteers and can equally be utilised for our staff.  

Called "Working Together in Guiding" the Code is designed to ensure that all adult members, volunteers and employees of Girl Guides Australia (GGA) and State Girl Guide Organisations are aware of their obligations and responsibilities.

It has been developed by the Girl Guides Australia HR Committee (a committee of the Board of GIrl Guides Australia) with input and feedback from across all Girl Guide Organisations.

The Code has been adopted across Australia and, will be implemented through the Learning and Development program for adult volunteers over the next 12 months. As of release all adults involved in Girl Guiding in Australia are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is available in hard copy in most GIrl Guide offices in your state/territory office. Alternatively you can download the posters and support materials below.

A4 Poster 

Print Friendly Code of Conduct

Please note that the code of conduct also includes a second page which provides further explanation to members about how the behaviours described in the Code work in practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist in the implementation of this revised Code of Conduct a set of FAQ's has been developed.

The set of FAQ (dated 25/6/2015) can be downloaded here.

Questions? Queries?

Any questions and queries regarding the Code of Conduct can be directed to your State Commissioner and/or your State Learning and Development Manager

You can also email queries to GGA via the CEO, Kit McMahon -