Building Australia and Contributing to a Better World

Case Studies:Set Two – Building Australia and Contributing to a Better World


The journey and variety of experience that girl Guides in Australia has today is vast!

The people that make Guiding work in Australia all have a story to tell - from our amazing volunteers here and overseas read below of their journey and what being a part of the greatest movement for Girls and women means for them.



Lindsay Tagg


Finding Home
A Story of Belonging through Guiding


New South Wales | Lindsay Tagg








Girl Guides
Making a Difference


Making a Better Future across the World | Myanmar






Sarah Hugen


Making the Guiding World Turn
Guide Supporters and Helpers


Unit Support Guide, Tasmania | Sarah Hugen






Susanna Matters


Learning from the World and
Making a Difference


New South Wales | Susanna Matters





Natasha Hendrick


Character Development Towards
Happy Citizenship


How Guiding grows girls into our Leaders | Natasha Hendrick







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