Girl Guides Today


The range of activity and work that Girl Guides across Australia undertake is vast.

The following set of case studies aims to tell the story of Girl Guides in Australia…. Today.

These case studies seek to describe the personal stories of Girl Guides, the Leaders, Volunteers and Communities that they serve.

They provide a snap shot into the amazing life of a Girl Guide and its community…

…the rich variety of the Girl Guiding experience, the value that being a part of the Girl Guiding community in Australia has brought to many lives, and the contribution that the Girl Guide organisation in Australia makes back to the Australian community.

The goal of Girl Guides Australia is to be Australia’s Leading Organisation for girls and young women in leadership and professional development. Our mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting community members.

We hope by taking the time to look at these case studies our friends and community will understand why and how we achieve this…


Set One – Leaders in our midst – Support the Growth of our Girls

Set Two - Building Australia and Contributing to a Better World

Set Three - Queen's Young Leader and Voices Against Violence
Set Four - Challenging You to Leave Your Comfort Zone