Adults in Guiding


"As an adult member of Girl Guides Australia you can strengthen your skills, enhance the skills of girls and young women and benefit the community."

Information for women aged 18-30 years | Information for potential Leaders

Women from 18 years join for a variety of reasons. They may have fond childhood memories of making their Brownie Promise, sitting around a campfire sharing stories as a Girl Guide or travelling to an overseas aid project as a Ranger or they had friends who were Girl Guides or they may have just thought "why not give it a go?" Maybe their daughters have asked them to become involved and support them or they have may have responded to an appeal for leaders in their local District.

It doesn't matter why!

You can volunteer now to enable girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. There are lots of ways you can assist and support guiding in your State. It depends what you are looking for and how much time you have available, what ever way you choose to help, it will make an important contribution to the lives of girls and young women. You can work with girls and young women or improve your skills, build a better world or simply give something back.

Here are some of the ways you can volunteer –

  • Unit Leader or Assistant Unit Leader
  • Share your expertise, skill or interest
  • Help at events, camps or meetings
  • Unit Helper
  • Resource Leader
  • Administration
  • Accounts, auditors
  • Leader of Adults
  • Olave Program (18-30 years)
  • Trefoil Member
  • Committee member in area of expertise
  • Fundraising
  • Catering
  • PR, marketing or media

You can make a difference to Australian girls' lives by volunteering and helping to build a better world. No prior Guiding experience is necessary nor do you need to be an expert in the outdoors or any other area for that matter. It helps to have a love of life, willingness to try new experiences and an enthusiasm to inspire others. To be a Leader, you need to be a woman 18 years or over.

  • role model
  • two - four hours per week (or less with role sharing), during term time
  • work with a Unit of girls, spanning 3-4 years between 5-17 years
  • all Units have at least two adults, preferably more
  • time and length of the meeting held to suit the Leaders and Guides in your area
  • facilitate the Australian Guide Program
  • participate in the Australian Learning & Qualification Program 
  • become a member of Guides in your State
  • personally rewarding and fun
  • coordinate and work with a team of Leaders
  • friendship across age groups
  • mentor
  • administration
  • one - two hours a week (flexible from week to week)
  • good listener and communicator
  • a particular skill e.g. abseiling, canoeing, sports, camping, the arts, service, other cultures, crafts or catering.
  • periodic time available
  • help a Unit where Leader may not have the skills or at camp or event

Olave Program - 18-30 years

  • enjoy a personal challenge with a focus on service
  • help Guiding and the wider community in a variety of ways
  • Join a State Guide committee or local team
  • become a member of Guides in your State
  • Option to become a Leader
  • Help younger girls learn new skills, not necessarily at a weekly meeting, it can be at an annual or one-off event.
  • travel to overseas and interstate Guiding events
  • role model
  • friendship

Trefoil Member

  • Any woman over 18 years who has been a Guide or Leader
  • members support Guiding and follow their own interests

Adult Member

  • any woman can become a member who is prepared to make the Guide Promise
  • be involved in as little or as much as her time allows
  • any woman 18 years and over

Thank you to the many dedicated Adult members, thousands of girls across Australia are able to gain from the benefits the Australian Guide Program offers in their local community. Many more girls could benefit if more women volunteered to become a leader.

"As an adult member of Guides Australia you can strengthen your skills, enhance the skills of girls and young women and benefit the community."

The next step in finding out more about volunteering with Guides and the possibility of becoming an Adult Member is to get in touch with your State Office for a local contact.